“Photovoltaic panels? With Landeslease you can buy them for 1 Euro”

Developments in the energy market are increasingly influencing the increase in energy prices and, consequently, the increase in direct costs, both for individuals and various industries. On the other hand, solar energy, considered as a good investment opportunity, has proven to be among the most efficient in terms of alternative energy production and with high profitability for investors, especially in returning the investment within a relatively short period of time.

Landeslease, in cooperation with all providers of photovoltaic equipment, enables you to finance residential and industrial projects related to these investment models. Our financing schemes help you overcome obstacles in managing funds for the desired investment. You will also have the option of extending the repayment period up to seven years, as well as choosing the repayment scheme between fixed and flexible installments, where the installment equals the energy saved by the panels.

At the end of the period, photovoltaic panels can be yours for only 1 Euro!

Saving on energy costs is one of the main advantages, but also an opportunity to generate green energy for a cleaner environment.

Apply now and we will provide you with technical assistance regarding the project and its financing.

Make the smart choice, with Landeslease!